Utoken – Digital Currency

'utoken"UToken is no longer a strange medium in the current digital era as it is blazoned over 78 countries as of January 2015 and more to expand. UTokens are issued by “UToken Reserve Limited”, a group of established international innovative Internet Finance Technology .

UToken is a digital medium of exchange with Intrinsic Value, which you will eventually be able to use globally with the advantage of the internet and e-commerce. Compare to other alternatives, this unique platform has a number of advantages; You can use it as a medium of barter for exchange, Investment Growth , Payment Method, Transfer your UToken to any interested party at a “click”, Present your UToken as a gift, Donate to Charity Welfare Organization and many more in near future.


Added advantages and benefits of using UTokens:

  1. Token has its own Intrinsic Value, it is not a crypto currency as you cannot dig up UTokens from a computer server
  2. The value of the UToken is determined by U Trade Futures
  3. Electrifies the Cash Transaction and lowers the risk
  4. Ease your worry about the Economy Inflation or deflations
  5. Less boundary and limit to the access to Internet Finance
  6. You can choose to treat UToken as your savings opportunity
  7. Higher returns opportunity when you possess UTokens compared to lower returns when you deposit your cash in traditional banks with innovative electronic mall buying through discount coupons on products and services offered on UBT Mall and other future E-Commerce platform worldwide.
  8. Allows Trading to takes place (Buying & Selling) of utoken on U trade future
  9. Centralized system that assures smart and secure movement logging
  10. High security login and usage
  11. Protects the Privacy and Interest of UToken User based on Utoken’s policy and procedures
  12. High collective of acceptance across 78 countries
  13. You will be able to digitally transfer UToken to other interested parties that owns an closed community U-Trade account with utokens.com
  14. Present your UToken as a gift to members and friends
  15. An accepted mode of Donation to Charity Welfare (only selected listed charity organization.
  16. Diversified Investment Growth Opportunity.
  17. An improved framework that will eventually be widely accepted by merchants around the world.

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