Terry Dean

Terry Dean

images.jpg terry deanTerry Dean was delivering pizzas before he went into online business and internet marketing. He has been an online marketing professional since 1996, but sold off his original websites and the enterprise in 2004 for a handsome profit. His present enterprise, founded in 2006 MyMarketingCoach, LLC is designed to coach and train entrepreneurs in 10 key principles to success in life and business.

He publishes a regular newsletter along with a report for budding as well as experienced entrepreneurs. His current website at mymarketingcoach.com gives away a report called – “10 Key Strategies for Any Business Owner to Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life!”.

The online course by Terry Dean called “Net Breakthroughs” is of very high quality and could be helpful to a new marketer.

The information Offered Includes the COST of the ad, placement of the ad, what the ad COST, and lastly the Received response from the ad.

Some of his material appeared to be a bit outdated in my opinion. That would be my only Concern about Terry Dean materials.

No Doubt Terry Dean is a great teacher by putting the right information out there, and would be recommend historic work.

Apart from being a success, he certainly knows how to keep his clients happy. He is overall a good guy and there are many things you can learn from him to help you be successful in your own venture

Also I have also found that unless you have a specific method to market any product, especially on the internet, you could be spending a lot of time waiting to see if your latest “how to” information will indeed work.

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