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No Mystery to Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing

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The above words are by Brian Rooney. I am sharing that article here so that it is useful for those who are ambitious to be successful in internet or network marketing.

About The Author: Brian Rooney

Brian Rooney is the founder of The Online Ad Network and and TrafficWave.net. He has been a home based business professional for 13+ years. Mr. Rooney believes that success doesn’t have to be complicated if you are willing to pay attention, see the clues, and commit to taking action to CREATE success.

Do you realize that success in network marketing leaves clues?

Before we get in to this topic, I want you to understand that the simplicity of what I’m about to share with you is often overlooked. But if you are willing to open your mind and take in the information you are about to read, it could absolutely change your life! Every time I’ve read about or talked to someone who is successful in network marketing, I find that they have at least 2 things in common:

  • They have clearly defined goals. They know WHAT they want to get done even if they’re not yet clear on HOW it’s going to happen.
  • They take MASSIVE ACTION and do not make or accept excuses.

In my experience, I’ve been able to identify two distinct groups of people in our industry. And these 2 groups of people are always defined by what they do.

Group 1 – The Winners:

These are people who are teachable. They take action when they receive instruction. They commit to a task and follow through. This group of people will read this article and then reach the goals they set for themselves.

Group 2 – The Whiners:

These are the people that may or may not actually read this information but wont’ take action. They will achieve minimal (if any) results and will most likely blame me, the information, the industry, the economy, their upline, or anyone else besides their lack of action and follow through.

You and I both got involved with the network marketing industry because we want more from life. But if you don’t take the next two steps, you are never going to move beyond the “dream” phase, the “I’m going to” phase”, or the “My day is coming” phase. You’ll be stuck looking for the next great deal, the next start-up, the next upline guru.

I’m going to speak very plainly to you. If you can hear it, your business and income will change. If you cannot hear it, not much is going to change

Your Success Is Your Responsibility!

YOU Have To Make It Happen!

If your first thought is, “Yeah, but my worthless sponsor told me… ” or “Well, if I had your time, your skills, your lists, ….” then you’re simply not ready to be in Group  1. It’s time to change.

Do I have big lists? Now, I do. When I started my journey, I had absolutely ZERO people on my list. I started just like you. I built my list as I went along. I still build them, today.

Success Tip 1: Start Building Your Lists Now.

Do I have skills? Sure. I’m still learning but I definitely have more skills than when I started. Some of the mistakes I made early in my career were downright embarrassing (and expensive)!

Success Tip 2: Start learning what you don’t know. Spend time on personal development. Read and learn from other successful people.

Do I have time now? You bet. When I started my journey, I had several part-time jobs and had to study and work on my home based business on the weekends and in the evenings. There were times I didn’t sleep for 2 or 3 days in a row! Now I wake up when I’m not tired and sleep when I want to go to bed. I don’t miss family events and I travel whenever I want to.

Success Tip 3: Invest the time NOW so you can enjoy your time later.


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You can absolutely become successful in this industry no matter who your up line is. The key is to be hungry enough … to WANT it bad enough … to be so clear about what you want to accomplish in your business that you KNOW you’re going to do it no matter what. Then, it won’t matter who your sponsor is. It won’t matter if your down line quits. It won’t matter if you have setbacks. Your passion for achieving your clear goals will cause you to move forward.


I want to you take this exercise very seriously. DO what you are about to read. Take the time to ANSWER each question. Write out your answers. When you create your written success statement, put it where you can see it. Start EVERY day by reviewing the answers and then take MASSIVE ACTION to make it happen.

1) What Is Your Income Goal Over the next 90 Days?

2) WHY Do You Want To Reach That Goal?

3) What Will Your Life Look Like After You Reach That Goal? (be specific)

4) What Will You Do To Celebrate That Goal?

Now create a written success statement with the above information using current tense language.

An opening line example might be: “I am so happy and grateful now that I have …. “

Once you have it written, put it where you can see it EVERY day and then …


  • Write a new blog post every day.
    Don’t have your own blog? GET ONE!
  • Post new ads every day.
  • Follow up with existing prospects every day.
    Don’t have an Autoresponder? GET ONE!
  • Contact new prospects every day.
  • Invite New Prospects To our Tuesday Webinars every day.
  • Read personal development books like “Think and Grow Rich” every day.

Don’t worry if you’re not good at blogging, creating ads, contacting new people. Just DO it. You’ll get better at it as you focus on the ACTION. Don’t worry about the outcome. Just focus on DOING the steps. Look at the results in 90 days.

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