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Cash In On Banners And Viral WEBSITE Traffic.

Website Traffic

website traffic

Online website traffic is the vital force in online marketing. Getting traffic virally is one of the best ways of getting traffic to your website. How do I get this traffic? One well known method of getting traffic to your blog is to post fresh content on a continuous basis. But this is not the only method. We should be on the lookout for different ways to bring traffic to your blog or website or offer that you wish to promote

Banners advertisement to increase website traffic to your blog

You just never know when an opportunity may arise so keep your eyes and ears open. For instance the other day I received an email from by sponsor Joseph, who is the founder of “Collective Team Marketing” about a website that VIRALLY advertised and increase website traffic through posting banners.

Now I know about banners. I used to be a using traffic exchange for banners advertisement and knew that traffic exchanges aren’t as successful in increasing website traffic as they were years ago. People are so used to seeing banners now days that their eyes just glaze over them.

But I decided to read about this site called as “Cash In On Banners” that was mentioned in the email. I have to say I was impressed with how the system works. I investigated everything about how this banner site works in increasing website traffic virally and I joined immediately.

Banner advertisement for Cash In On Banners

Get viral traffic to your website using banner advertisement

Cash In On Banners- Get Viral Website Traffic

It’s really simple and it works so let me tell you more about it.

We could all use Help with Free Blog Traffic…

When it comes to blog traffic or website traffic, you can spend tons of time generating blog traffic. But we don’t always have time and we have other things to be done in our business.

So we must find ways to automate our blog and website traffic right? That’s where I see the potential in getting blog traffic with Cash In On Banners.

Cash In On Banners has quite a cool system in place for getting blog traffic and lots of it. The cool thing is, the more people you tell about it the better it works.

I use “Cash in on Banners” to get viral traffic to my primary business that I promote:

1) Paid To Build Your List is helps me in building an email list for me. Its benefits are:

build your list and get paid for doing so

Build Your List. Money is in the list.

i) It builds a giant list for me;

ii) It pays $5 for every member added to my list;

iii) The Gurus say the “Money Is in the List”. I use this to promote my other offers. This is the beauty of having a good responsive list. Piadtobuildyourlist.com is the only way to a) build a massive list and b) Get paid to build your list.

2) Team Atlantis which helps generate residual income by promoting Traffic wave auto responder.

3) The 7k team System which helps you promote multiple products at the same time like

a)The online Ad Network;

b) TrafficWave;

c) Cash In On Banners and

d) Any one of your primary business.

Generating Traffic:

Cash In For Banners is an exceptionally powerful traffic generating tool! It creates an endless, non-stop flow of qualified prospects to the websites of our members. You will get an enormous number of visits to your website – guaranteed! There is just a simple and easy, but extremely important requirement, and there is absolutely no way of avoiding it. You have to enroll some members personally, or the whole system will not even start working!To see why referring new advertisers is a must, let’s have a look at the system.

When you join and submit your banners, they will rotate in the spot #1 on your page.

When you refer new advertising members, their CIOB pages will have your banners rotated in spot #2 on their pages and your banner and your page will be presented to more and more prospects.

Your banner will always remain in spot #1 on your own Cash In On Banners page. And your banners will be rotated in the spot #2 on the pages of everyone who’ve signed up directly under you. And if they refer new members, your banner moves to spot #3 of these new members’ pages. So, with the addition of new members on lower levels, your banners will move through all 6 upper spots in turn. (Upgraded members have their banners rotated also in spots #7 and #8 for even more traffic).

Every new advertiser to post a banner has to click on all eight banners and spend time on each page – including yours!

I recommend to aim at referring at least 10 members yourself. Even if not all of them turn out to be as good at referring as you, this will create a strong working group promoting your banners. Go on promoting your Cash In On Banners page – why be satisfied with a trickle when you can easily have a stream!

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