Survey Platinum

What is Survey Platinum?

Survey Platinum is a Paid Survey Database. It charges one-time $34.95 fee for lifetime access to database.It claims to have over 400 listed paid survey companies in its database. It also put together a database of companies that pay to drive a car and also get paid to shop and read emails!! It claims to make you up to $250 as part of a team group, or up to $100 for telephone surveys. They also state you can make $5-$10 for online paid surveys.

What is the HYPE about it ?

Is all the hype of Survey Platinum true ? Is it really possible to get paid to drive a car and read emails?

Researching various forums we noted a lot of people stating they made little money if any at all, and problems with refunds.

Quoting one “A check was issued to be deposited to cover the required assignment after 3 days received a statement from my bank stating the check was fake and the funds could not be transfered to my account.

Bottom Line :

We don’t see this opportunities (Survey Platinum) as one where you can surely make a full time living or even any guaranteed part time wage. The suggestion is to avoid Survey Platinum and other similar opportunities.

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