Site Build It! | Ken Envoy

SiteBuild It! | Ken Envoy

Dr. Ken Evoy is the founder of Sitesell Inc and creator of very well known Website-building, hosting and marketing system, SiteBuild It or in short SBI. He has been so successful in his business endeavors online that he has made millions.

He is credited with coining the term “pre-selling” when he used the term in his online newsletter “5 Pillar Report” in 1999.

SBI or SiteBuild It! is the all-in-1 package of process, software, guidance, and help that enables anyone to create Web sites that build profitable businesses.

Ken Evoy has created a system for advanced as well as newbie with training manuals that contains step-by-step 10-day plan to getting your web site online. According to the Ken, Site/blog-building is only 1 out of the 10 key steps for building any e-business.

It all comes down to SBI’s (SiteBuild It) unique C-T-P-M process : Content,Traffic, PREselling, Monetization

It includes are the necessary tools:

Website Building: Sitebuild it,  Brainstorm it, Domain name and web Hosting
Traffic Building: Submit content to Search engines, Seo and PPC
Marketing Tools: Keywod research, Traffic analysis, Shopping cart and Credit card processing

Affiliate Program:

Ken Evoy also created the 5 Pillar Affiliate program in which you can earn $75 for every SBI subscription sold. There is also a 2-tier income possible through SiteBuild It’s affiliate program.

So Is “SiteBuild It” a Scam ?

In the past few years, some negative reviews about Site Build It! have popped up. According to me it is a way to discredit SBI! (SiteBuild It)

I understand that SBI! does not suit everyone mainly because:

– A lot of work is involved, lots of reading and a good amount of patience and motivation is must.
–  The process can sometimes confuse beginners and frustrate experts.
– A Little Overpriced
– They Just provide you with tools and reading material. SBI! does not gurantee you success (Fair enough huh?)

How Much Does SBI! Cost?

Short answer: US$299 per year or $29.99 per month

Ken Evoy believes strongly that you must “work smarter” in order to achieve a common goal of “success”.

We second him on that thought and that is one of the reason we recommend the below program. We make sales every day without having to do any of that “work”. Again (hint) it is all in the marketing. Don’t be fooled! Any compensation plan is good if you can make a sale!!

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