SafariMailer Has Been Launched


Safari Mailer

The unique and powerful features of this viral mailer
will get results for your ads.

Safarimailer is a unique viral mailer not only in design but

also in its features and it’s commitment to helping new and
veteran marketers.

The owner Paula Zuehlke has spent the last 10 years making
HitSafari (traffic exchange) a leading traffic exchange.

You can expect the same with this one as well.


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  SafariMailer Membership Benefits

**Free Members
Mail Every 3 Days
Mail up to 1500
Monthly credits – 250
Referral Credits – 3 percent
7 Credits per Click
5 Banner Impressions per Click
5 Text Impressions per Click
20 Percent Commissions

**Top Upgrade – Gold
Mail Every 23 Hours
Mail up to 5000
Monthly Credits – 30,000
Monthly Banner Impressions – 2000
Monthly Text Impressions – 2000
Referral Credits – 10 percent
25 Credits per click
25 Banner Impressions per Click
25 Text Impressions per Click
40 Percent Commissions

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