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index.jpg robert allenRobert G. Allen is in real estate Internet marketing business. He puts real estate and Internet as two big mediums of earning huge cash. I have seen his numerous paid advertising on the tv set late at night and early Sunday morning. He is best-selling author of Multiple Streams of Income, Creating Wealth and The Road to Wealth, Nothing Down (back in 1980 !) . He has now co-authored another best-seller, The One Minute Millionaire with Mark Victor Hansen.

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Company Name: Robert Allen Group, Inc.

His Book “Multiple Streams of Income” is good for someone who needs an introduction to basic marketing concepts and salesmanship, I can’t think of a clearer or more entertaining book. Just the concept of ‘hungry fish’ alone is worth the price of the book.

Allens seminars are quite expensive. Although I have not taken one, I have read posts by many fans and critics. He also gives free tele-seminars, newsletters, special reports and several other such products through his website.

There is also a program known as The One Minute Challenge which Allen runs on his site to find people who are the best suited for receiving his moneymaking education.

Robert Allen suggests that focusing on purchasing troubled properties can be great way to build a fortune.The owner will wish to sell his property quickly because of incapability maintaining the property in the correct way. Hence the purchase price of such properties will be less. The problem is nobody can find a distress sale as easily as he explains.

In One of his real estate moneymaking programs he explains about a way of making money using an opt-in list. Now, he assumes that everyone has an opt-in list ready to use. In fact, this is far from the case. A good opt-in list could take years to build and expenses of thousands of dollars. Robert Allen just assumes that everyone has an opt-in list ready to use and takes off from there.

He Filed for bankruptcy and is under the microscope by the IRS for his wily practices.

Overall, I think somewhere deep beneath Robert Allen’s hard selling and ridiculous claims and price points, there’s some good teaching, but it’s not really worth the experience.

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