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I realized the GREAT importance of list building during my two years of exposure of online marketing on home based business. I  must have heard this several times but did not how to actually do list building. So, i started learning about list building and decided that i should share the information with my readers. Sean R Mize has discussed about writing articles as a to build your list, which i am sharing it with you here. Those who are passionate about writing articles can use this strategy for list building.

By Sean R Mize
– Why Should You Use Articles to Build Your List?
There are so many good ways to build your list, why should you use articles to build your list?  That is a great question, and when I first started my list building, I was not thinking that articles were the way to go.

Why not?

1)  They take time to write

2)  I thought they were only good for getting search engine rankings

3)  When I first got started online, it was when that article directory craze was going on, and I smelled ‘fad’.  I figured that in a few months, article marketing would be burnt out.

Well, I had been writing   rel=nofollow []articles to help my search engine rankings, and actually drove  a few web pages to #1 in Google and Yahoo for some specific keywords, but what was really eye-opening for me was how much traffic I was getting directly to my web site directly from the articles themselves.

Now, being a relentless ‘tracker’, I discovered that the average article-generated subscriber buys as much as or more than 4 times – that’s right, 4 times, what everybody else does.  Hmmm…I thought, and began to write more articles.

People continue to come to my list via my articles, they continue to outspend just about everyone else, and they are great subscribers.

So how do you do it?

1)  Identify 10 keywords that are prime for going to the top ten in Google and Yahoo.

2)  Write 10 articles for each of those keywords.

3)  Include at least 3 different text anchor links in each article.

4)  Submit each article to the top 5 article directories online.

5)  Be sure that each of the links goes to a squeeze page (that should be #1, but you should already have a squeeze page if you have been reading my articles for long).

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