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John Beck | Free and Clear Real Estate System

John Beck A scam ?

Most of you must have seen John Beck’s  Free and Clear real estate system infomercial while scanning channels or doing an online search for real estate opportunities.

John Beck has several books to his credit including Amazing Profits, Tax Sale Directory and Properties by Mail.

But the most controversial of all is titled, “Buy Real Estate Free and Clear for Pennies on the Dollar”. The book takes account of how investors can make use of the tax sales process for buying free and clear real estate for a few pennies on the dollar.

So Is it A RIP OFF ? Can you buy property for a few hundred bucks as he claims?

To find out we ordered the package. It also included and Free & Clear CD to Hottest Links and Making Money with Free & Clear Properties on the Internet. The package further includes a consulting program with a counselor who can guide you and answer your queries.

Now you must be wondering how can one buy a real estate for few hundred bucks ?

HINT- Find properties that are way behind in taxes and put tax liens on them. After purchasing the lien you can eventually apply for a deed to the property and own it free and clear. You need to evaluate each lien and ultimately find a property that’s worth what is owed on it.

What’s The Cost?
The initial education is $39.95 which will give you the basics of the Free and Clear system. But, there is an up sell to the tune of $8,000 for personal coaching.You too can have your own personal John Beck Free and clear mentor who will guide you though your few deals.

Lastly, there is a monthly cost to access the list of tax lien properties which is available free from any county clerks office in the United States. However, this is a more comprehensive list and saves you the work of obtaining the list from the different counties.


– Huge returns if you are not new to real estate business and have good amount of initial capital.


–          Finding a property under thousand bucks is not a easy job.

–          If you are a newbie than it will take some time to get used to the In’s and Out’s of Real estate terms. While ordering the course designed, you will have the impression that Mr. Beck talks about his infomercial in a simple and easy way, but when you go through it, you will find that things are entirely different.

–          Huge risk involved

–          Expensive and fierce competition


Real estate has created many millionaires like Donald trump. But you need to have a little experience before getting yourself into it. It is not as easy as John Beck makes it sound in his infomercial. An online business is still the best option and Real Estate should be avoided by newbies.

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