Joe Vitale

index.jpg joe vitaleJoe Vitale is one of my favorite marketing Experts, writer, speaker and teacher. Joe Vitale is the president of Hypnotic Marketing Inc and the Hypnotic Marketing Institute Inc, which is a marketing consulting firm. According to his website he has a doctorate degree in Metaphysical Science and also a doctorate in Marketing. Joe Vitale Lives in Houston, Texas.

If “Law of Attraction” interests  you then you must have seen HIM in “Secret” movie.

Website URL:
Company Name: Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.

His copywriting skills are excellent to the point that many say it is impossible not to read his sales letters. Maybe that is the reason he is known as “Mr. Fire”. (set the Internet marketing world on fire!)

He is the Inventor of the method of “Hypnotic Marketing” and authored the ever popular e-book called “Hypnotic Writing.” His other popular books include Zero limits,Meet & Grow Rich, The Attractor Factor, Buying trances and many more.

There is a lot of demand for Joe Vitale’s products, that being the reason for his high price services. He charges around $2.50 per word in a news letter or sales letter.  Also a personal consultation with Joe Vitale runs costs a minimum of $1,000.  He Can be reached at for interviews, speaking engagements and consultations.

I would be highly recommend to look into his bagged items if you Are Interested in marketing.

If You Are Just Starting in marketing and especially marketing online I’d recommend following the step by step methods I did, crack use Joe’s and Other top marketer’s information as you Grow Your Business and Become a “guru” yourself.

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