Jeff Paul

images.jpg jef paulJeff Paul , a student of Dan Kennedy, a premier marketer , an advertising giant and famous for his T.V show “Shortcuts to Internet Millions

His commercials got me interested and so I did buy purchase the program. It includes the “Confidential Guide to Internet Products on Demand”, the “Quick Start Internet Marketing Toolkit”, and the “Best Kept Internet Marketing Secret Revealed”. This program sells for about $49.95 plus S/H. You’ll also get 10 Free “Three Clicks to Cash” websites where you can select the products you want to market and be online quickly making sales.

Jeff became popular years ago with his “Making Money From your Kitchen Table in your Underwear!” The Jeff Paul story is a very interesting success story. He was able to get himself out of huge debt by building a giant marketing empire. A lot of the techniques he used, and still uses today, came from some of the great oldies marketing experts.

The course he wrote is very good however I feel it is a bit outdated. Jeff Paul had some great marketing material back in the mid ’90′s that worked great for me, however there now are newer ideas that i feel are far superior and as such put Jeff Paul material a bit in the outdated category.

Jeff Paul’s “Short Cuts to Internet Millions” may be a way to get your start. Just don’t be too surprised by upgrades, paid training or additional mentoring costs.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to be using the most up to date material for internet marketing. If you are considering starting an online business from your home or wherever, just remember to be careful when first starting out and learn all you can, whenever you can!

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