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This company, ITV Ventures or sells natural health and beauty products with an affiliate program. The affiliate set up goes like this: you sign up, ITV runs infomercials, which direct calls to the affiliate to close the sale. The fees for this program are substantial however. The question is, are the products in demand? Lets look:

These are “all natural” types of products, meaning there are no active ingredients of any kind. There’s also no scientific proof they work because the FDA doesn’t review or check on these kind of products. This is true for most “all natural” products.

To be an ITV Ventures independant sales rep, someof the fees are as follows:

$165 initial payment to be a reseller.

$334 additional for the (optional) premier package.

$100 per month unless you order at least that much in product for month.

$29.95 per month eductation and training for the matrix program.

Small fees for sending you checks and shipping and handling

$99 annually to be in the program in addition to the monthly ones.

There is a $59.95 a month charge to be able to get calls from the infomercial runs.The calls are qualified leads but you pay $35 for each call.

To summarize: initial payment of $165 to get in.

The biggest problem we see is the ticket price of the products.The cosmetics line for example is priced higher than even the top commercial brands. This we see as not competative. The people calling from the infomercials will be qualified leads, but you pay the $35 even if they dont buy anything.

Donald Barrett is leading ITV Ventures.

From what we have reviewed, there are other opportunities that are less costly, have a better product that is more unique, and less costly initial costs. We’d like to hear from some successful distributors to pass along their experience with ITV Ventures and Donald Barrett, for our readers.

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