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Infinite Income Plan

We quit Darren Salkeld’s Infinite Income Plan (IIP) and this review will tell you why.

While there are many positive reviews on Darren’s IIP system, and we initially agreed, we soon saw all the same failure points in IIP as with most “programs” that claim you will earn a lot of money by just doing what they did.

Our reasons for quitting were initially because the IIP team lost our first TWO sales! Yes two people backed out and they were our first two sales.

Now don’t get me wrong, business is business and we realize people will change their minds.

Problem was these people dropped out because of numerous problems with getting their paperwork processed with the Infinite Income Plan staff as well as getting their GRN (Global Resorts Network) payment processed.

We all know that it is crucial when someone joins a business, and in this case a business with a pretty high ticket price tag: $2995 for the GRN membership, then considerable monthly IIP fees, people should expect nothing but prompt top notch and professional assistance.

Anything less and I would quit too!

BusinessReviews4You will not and can not promote a program that does not offer the best customer support, and the support that was promised the customer in the first place.

Our second reason we cancelled our membership with Darren Salkeld’s IIP, is something that we are still stunned at. We will comment on this at the end of this review so make sure you read it because what we state will shock you!

Let me state one thing that may also shock you about IIP.

The IIP system DOES work. It was closing sales at about 1 out of every 240 or so opt ins. You can definitely make some serious money with the system.

So, you are probably thinking, hey BusinessReview4You, why don’t you just make the money? Let the deficiencies with IIP be your customers problem.

Well, the simple answer is, we just can’t run our business that way.

Here’s the EXACT e-mail we received from one of the two customers that cancelled. We contacted them to see what the issues were, and what we could do to improve our service. You be the judge:

Hi Stan – Everything started wrong – from the technical problems to GRN funding (after 10 days – the CC payment still had no gone through…at that point it was to my advantage because I was able to cancel). The important touches that were promised never happened – call from a mentor, 1000 free postcards which costs $650, to Club Zoomica which I thought was over priced and undervalued. I am not internet marketing saavy & that is what Salkelds system is SKU’d to. I realize that it takes money to make money – but the initial $3000 was what I thought would be needed to get me started – my evaluation would have been from the ‘free’ 1000 postcards. I am in sales & marketing & am successful but want to have a home based business very seriously. Direct postcard marketing has response & coversion rates based on the number mailed. No one in the home based arena cares to share that info. How much marketing money do you need to spend initially to see results? What is a likely expectation from 500 postcards? 1000 postcards? etc In researching opportunities I guess it is your site that I have been reading & I have to say hats off to you because your link to IIP is brilliant. It would be difficult for someone like me to be confident of a ‘system’ without finding out using more conventional means i.e. postcards, newspaper ads. Also, the training Salkeld talks about is invisible …. Club Zoomica training is a joke. I am not a pouter Stan but realized the system ‘oversold & underperformed’. Best, Gary D

This customer is a sales professional. He was expecting nothing less than we are sure he delivers in his work environment.

Now there are other things that aren’t perfect with IIP, which again we initially did not dwell on because we thought we had a great product to offer customers, that we felt gave them the best chance to build their online businesses.

As time went on we realized that the two lost sales, then the item we’ll reveal at the end of this review just did not set well.

Let’s go over the other “flaws” with Darren Salkeld’s IIP system:

1. You are promoting the Infinite Income Plan (IIP), Darren Salkeld and NOT YOU. All the leads that you collect are stored in the IIP system. All the followup e-mails you send out to your prospects are signed by Darren Salkeld as if they are coming from him. You will be promoting YOUR IIP business but people will think they will be working with Darren. This is fine for a new person because it does work, but all those leads will not be yours unless you do something to copy them to your “list”. There is talk at IIP that they will integrate aweber ( an autoresponder company) so your leads go to the Infinite Income Plan system and YOUR aweber but that has not yet happened.

My online buddy has some 10,000 leads in a few short months that are all in his IIP system. If he ever leaves IIP, the leads go to Darren and his team. You may have heard that the money online is in your list. You want to build YOUR prospect list so that in time you can market other products to your list. You will be building Darren Salkeld and the Infinite Income Plans list. Not good.

2.Infinite Income Plan has a poor business model for profitability. You can earn $1000 commission for each GRN sale. Now that is really around $850 from Global Resorts Network, after they deduct their processing fee.

The IIP monthly fee is $197. There is a $30 hosting fee to WebMonkey who you buy your domain from and who hosts your website (READ more on this below !!)

When we joined and our two lost customers joined, we were under the impression that these costs included the IIP staff to “close your sales” for you.

Well, just recently (it is Feb ’09 as this is written) Infinite Income Plan staff announced a new service that will close your leads for $125 per closed sale.

Our problem with that is two fold: 1. The sales closing was supposed to be included in the monthly admin fees; now they are not holding up to what they advertised and 2. Most automated sales closing systems do not charge UPFRONT. You pay only when a sale is closed. Attempting to start any online business can be tedious enough. Adding in a sales closing fee that you must pre order??…Just makes this program that much more difficult for the average online business seeker to get off the ground.

Add that into your costs from your potential $850 GRN profit and I see 850-197-30-125= $498 potential profit.

OK, so now we need to advertise.

My website gets very good pay per click traffic at around $2 a lead. IIP and their training starts new people with free traffic building using articles, blogs, and other social marketing.

We doubt that many will make thousands a week let alone a month in any time soon only using free methods.

So using my website as an example,at 240 opt ins a sale, thats about $480 in advertising per sale.

$498-$480 leaves us with $18 profit? Hmmm.

OK, you do make profits on the upfront “digital” ebook that gives you about $31/ sale.

Folks, I asked the IIP support system this same question and they had no answers as to how this could be offered to a prospect as a viable business model showing a nice profit margin.

We also posted the question on the Infinite Income Plan Club Zoomica forum and our posts were deleted not once but several times. Others who posted similar questions had their posts deleted. When we again posted why our posts were delted, the moderator said they had a lot of technical difficulties. Hmmm, only my posts that questioned the profitability of their offer and the new additional sales closing fee of $125 were deleted….you be the judge!

You also can recover some of your $197 monthly fee when you build a team below you. Each IIP sign up under you puts about $50 in your account. The idea is in time your team will pay your monthly fee.

So, there is potential for some profit….maybe $498 – $480 + $197 or about $215 give or take. The digital sales also add in some to this number.

All of a sudden that $1000 commission doesn’t look that attractive.

Give me a call or e-mail and we’ll let you in on a secret that no one is told about but will increase your $1000 commission to where you WILL make a nice profit margin….the problem is by the time you may figure this out, you’ll probably be out of business using this model.

3. OK, now the part that we are still baffled by.

When our account was cancelled we expected to take our domain name that we bought, and redirect it to another program we will promote. It’s our domain, right? We paid for it,so we own it, right?

Well when we tried to get access to our domain name, we were told by Web Hot Monkey (the place you buy the domain and pay the hosting fee) that yes it is our domain, but somehow the way the IIP pages are hosted, somehow our domain was being redirected to the main Infinite Income Plan site.

YES! That means anyone that quits IIP, their traffic that they may have worked on will all be directed to Darren Salkelds main IIP site.

We have several problems with that, one being he would be using domain names that each IIP member purchased.

How does the Infinite Income Plan feel they can just use our domains?

Most new people would not even think of this when they quit…we were more than taken aback at this.It just isn’t right.

Here’s a reply from Web Hot Monkey who hosts the Infinite Income Plan sites stating that our domain indeed is mine- we are the owner:

“Yes, you do own the domain. There’s no disputing that. But we’re just the hosting company. So understand that what you want to do is take this up with They can answer these types of questions more in depth for you.”

We also asked Infinite Income Plan the same question via their support ticket system and we still have not received a reply some 5 days later.

Folks, we have a definite problem with IIP using our domain name, and Web Hosting passing the buck. They both are benefiting from the use of this domain.

Think of all the people that will decide to quit IIP, after months of building their traffic, and there will probably be some that had some decent traffic happening, then to have IIP just redirect those domains to them, just does not set well. Not getting answers makes it that much more suspicious.

Well, we offered a lot of factual information for you to think about.

Maybe the Infinite Income Plan crew will get it more together as they move ahead.

The IIP system that Darren Salkeld created does work, but you will need to consider and accept the short comings that we encountered.

BusinessReviews4You can not promote programs that do not hold up to what they advertise as described in the e-mail from our lost sale.

The Infinite Income Plan by Darren Salkeld at this time gets a D. They have a good system, they just need to remember customer service and delivering on promised service is #1 for long term success.

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