Dwolla & Bitcon- The 7k Team Introduces

Dwolla and Bitcon are new ways for making online payment.

The 7k team system has added this new payment system to its members to make payment easier.


Now you can make payment through dwolla

Dwolla- Alternative Online Payment Method

Online Payment System – Low Cost – Easy to Fund and Liquidate

U.S. Only At Present

Owned by a Credit Union in Iowa, U.S.A. –  Veridian Credit Union

Fund with ACH – Withdraw by ACH (Bank Transfer)

$10 Referral Fees (Credits towards Receive Fees)

Anticipate Having Full Integration into SuccessQUIK within 1-2 Weeks

Suggestion: All U.S. Members Get a Dwolla Account  to Receive Funds

Join Dwolla Through “Tools” Section in The7KTeamSystem Members Area – Earn that $10!


The 7k Team System

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What is Dwolla?

Dwolla is a payment network that allows any business or person to send, request and accept money. We’re not like those other big payment companies that rely on plastic cards and charge hefty fees. Instead, we’ve built our own network that securely connects to your bank account and allows you to move money for just $0.25 per transaction, or free for transactions $10 or less.Discover why thousands of businesses, non-profits, developers and people use Dwolla to move millions of dollars every day.


make payment through bitcon


Crypto-Currency Recognized Around the World!

“Non-Recourse” Currency – It’s like Cash on the Internet

No Charge Backs, Zero Cost to Send and Receive Bitcoins

Accepted by WordPress, Baidu (Chinese Google) and a Growing Number of Companies

Currently 12 Million Bitcoins in Existence – Never More than 21 Million Bit Coins

Great Background Information Here: http://bitcoin.org

Do NOT Open Any Wallets Without Checking for Our Recommendations First!

Never work alone again

The 7K Team System

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