Derek Gehl

Derek Gehl

index.jpg derek gehlWhen you see the Internet Marketing Center, you will find Derek Gehl as president, guiding that site to make it one of the top internet marketing places on the net today.

Corey Rudl and Derek Gehl were business partners until Corey’s very untimely passing in June 2005. Derek Gehl now runs the Internet Marketing Center.

Some of the best selling internet marketing information over the past few years has come from this company. Desktop Marketer, AssocTRAC, Mail Loop and many other tools for businesses on the internet are sold by this company.

Needless to say the loss of Corey Rudl likely affected the Internet Marketing center business, however Derek Gehl has grabbed the reigns and is continuing on in the spirit of what he and Mr. Rudl initiated.

Much of Corey Rudl’s approach was a continual upselling of products that some may disagree with. However it is at the core of the Internet Marketing Center business and no doubt contributed to Corey’s and Derek’s huge success.

We recommend Derek Gehl.

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