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Dave Espino | Auction For Income

Dave Espino started RedlinesOnline.com in 1999 for selling hot wheel cars on eBay. Since then he has made eBay his expertise. His strategies and thoughts are echoed in his three most famous eBooks – Beyond eBay, Life in the Dot Com Lane and Business Cubed.

Presently, Dave Espino is involved in his new system titled Auctions for Income. This system shows you how to make money on e-bay.

The course acts as a good guidebook both for newbies and experienced. It has good informational videos about beginning to trade on eBay and carrying on from there. Dave Espino offers you information on where to find products to sell, companies that will drop ship for you, as well as how to get these on e bay to sell.

-Unless you have a very specific product (high demand) that you can buy low cost and sell at a high return, you may not see very good results as far as creating a ful time income.

- Also keep in mind that all the Drop Shipping companies offering “simple and easy” get-rich-quick Ebay advice is now over saturated.

E-bay is most definitely a place to sell things. I have friends who sell very specific items ( example: rebuilt old fashion microphones) and make a nice part time income. This “niche” type of item is key to e-bay or most selling success. If you are considering the Dave Espino program, make sure it has some of the key elements that I mentioned briefly here.

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