Clic Bank Review

Click bank Scam or Not ?

What exactly is click bank? Click Bank is an online market place offering over 10,000 digital products in the form of instant downloads, which can be a software program or an ebook. A lot of products are about how to earn money online:

  • By using a particular software, or
  • Here is an already made website for you to use and promote by Or
  • How to do it yourself pdf ebooks.

Is Click Bank a legitimate Business?

Click Bank is a legitimate business where people can either:

  • Create their own product into the Click Bank database to be considered by other affiliates to promote or
  • For you to simply register for free, log in do your due diligence and research then start to promote someone else’s digital product.

Now in order for your product to be accepted and approved and be visible in the Click Bank market place, you must pay a $50 non refundable fee. Then you must also make one sale of your product on your own before other affiliates can decide whether or not to promote your product.

Thus, you can start online business with click bank and start selling digital products. This way you can earn money online.


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Risks involved with click bank!

Now it is possible that you can spend some time researching, set up an ad campaign, promote your affiliate links to be very disappointed in zero sales results.

There are also articles and rumors that some people know how to steal your affiliate commissions.

So in order to protect yourself from losing out on all of your hard working efforts, you should use cloaked links.

And yet another dilemma is when people buy digital, instant download products, people are usually given 60 days to request a refund, which is all processed by ClickBank.

People can get their money back and still have the downloaded ebook. Now if it was a software program, that may no longer work, but you still gained the information.

Are people earning money with click bank?

So yes, it is risky, but many people are doing affiliates marketing by promoting click bank digital products and earning handsome money.

Those who succeed, have a list of customers who have bought something from them before and always needing to buy additional products to help increase their cash flow and productivity.

The money is in the list. You should learn how to build a list?

Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world, mistakes will be made, but this article was intended to save you a lot of time, grief, energy and MONEY.

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