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Cultures For Health (CHF)

easy_sprouter_225CHF stands for “Cultures For Health” and they are in the business of fermentation. Products like yoghurt, kefir, sprouts, cheese are made here and there are several books and recipes for making yoghurt etc. They have an amazing affiliate program where you can participate.

CHF Affiliate Review

If you own a blog, website, or some other way of reaching large numbers of potential buyers then you can easily become Culture For Health Affiliate.

Features of Culture For Health Affiliate Program.

  • As a Culture For Health Affiliate, earn a 10% commission for every online sale made from a buyer who was forwarded to us from your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, forum signature, newsletter, email, etc.
  • Provide your readers with the resources necessary to purchase quality starter cultures and supplies to support their Real Food Lifestyle.
  • Attractive banner ads promoting cultured foods and a Real Food Lifestyle are available for your use.
  • Get online access to your account activity, traffic reports, commission, payout information, and other details concerning the program.

 How Does it Work?

Cultures for health offers all the necessary marketing tools. Install our links, banners, or logos embedded with specific HTML code, and our software tracks all clicks, sales, and activities originating from your links. You can also log in to our realtime online affiliate management center to see all commissions earned and general traffic activity. In addition, affiliates can take part in product reviews, product giveaways, etc.

 How Do I Sign Up?

Click here to sign up for the CFH Affiliate Program.

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