Bit Billions update! Major Announcement March 2015

Update on Bit Billions

Bit Billions has announced its plans via a webinar.

Our CEO and CMO will reveal the details to our members about the upcoming GBBG|events project. This is sure to put the name GBBG in the upper echelons of respected, credible alternative income and finance companies. See how YOU can be involved!

See the video for details:

How To Earn From Bitbillions Website?

According to the latest update on bit bilions the company  is going to start the 9 dollar advertisement program at the earliest, may be by the end of March 2015, so that the members can start earning by conducting certain tasks.

The task like ….

Seeing the ads

Seeing the video

Making Facebook likes..

Taking surveys and many many more tasks.

They will be paid in Points.





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