Anthony Morrison “Advertising Profits From Home”

Anthony Morrison

So we did buy Anthony Morrison’s book and the “Advertising Profits From Home,” program. Believe it or not, we were even able to speak with Mr. Morrison on the phone for a good while. Turns out, that he is a really nice guy, and totally dedicated to what his program is offering.

It really is rare to find a person that takes what they do as seriously as Anthony does. Not only was he willing to speak with us about his new book, but we found him to be so down to earth that you could ask him just about anything.

We spoke of how he got his start in advertising by setting up and managing professional pay per click advertising campaigns for some major companies, along with multiple other services. Pay per click or PPC as it is known in the industry is a tough field to crack into. There are so many rules, guidelines and processes to follow in order to have real cost effective ad campaigns. I can see how there would be a high demand for this kind of skill.

We also talked about website creation, all the different business opportunities you see online these days, and even spoke a little about video marketing, and email marketing. I could tell right away that Anthony Morrison was first and foremost an Internet marketer. There is just a language that only a very few people can speak the way he did.

I wanted to give this quick little report of our one on one phone call, just to let folks know that he is very passionate about what he is offering, and that we are enjoying his book.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with the little guy. I know that kind of approach towards your business will continue to take you a long way. We wish Anthony Morrison and his entire staff all the best.

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