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How To Get More Referrals To MPA, MPCA, My24hrIncome

Top Revshare Referral marketing System

Revshare insider

How To Promote Revshare Programs Effectively?

Revshareinsider is a top revshare referral marketing system. Subscribe now to build referrals in for mypayingads, mypayingcryptoads, my24hrincome & Traffic hurricane..

What is

Revshareinsider is a marketing system developed my Masdul, a well know internet marketer from Bangladesh. He has built a huge team in different revshare companies like MAP, Mypayingads. Now he has come up with a marketing system especially for the following revshare companies:




Traffic Hurricane &

Low & High Ticket Programs

It is a membership site with very low membership fee so that everyone can afford.


Unique feature of Revshare Insider Marketing System

Membership Site with affordable fees

You get your own Opt in and landing pages

You get regular training on how marketing system works.

You get tips on how to and where to promote to get referrals.

Regular hangouts are conducted to educate you on internet marketing.

Promotional material to advertise

For promoting your marketing system which promotes your revshare referral programs, the company gives you various promotional material:

Referral link

Banners in different sizes

Opt-in page

Email swipes

Private Face book group


RevshareInsider is a Top revshare referral marketing system. Discover how you can build your business in MPA, MPCA, My24HrIncome, Traffic Hurrican as well as other low and high ticket programs. Click the link below to have a look at the marketing system.




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Bitcoin4u Biz Review – It’s Legit and not a Scam

Bitcoin4u Biz Review

 Earning Bitcoins Fast

Bitcoin4u BIz Review

Bitcoin4u biz is one of the top bitcoin earning site. In this review discover how a samll gift can turn 0.02BTC to a millionaire..


Bitcoin4u biz is  best explained in the following video:


This Bitcoin4u biz review is about gifting a small amount of bitcoin to other members. The gifting is done member to member. A small gift also goes to the admin of the bitcoin4u biz program. When you introduce others to the program you receive a small gift from them.

The company calls this “First Time Worldwide Millionaire Plan” thus making it a simple way to earn bitcoins program

Importance of bitcoin:

bitcoin facts

Is this bitcoin earning Bitcoin4u biz legit or a scam?

This is not a mlm or money chain program and is 100% legit. It is not a scam. This is a simple way of making money (earning bitcoins) on the internet.

What I need to do in Bitcoinr4 biz?

Well, to participate in this bitcoin earning program, you need to contribute about 0,020BTC only in order to be eligible to earn bitcoins. This amount amounts to about $20 only which you can easily afford.

>>>Click here to Visit the official websiteof bitcoin4u biz<<<

What are the Steps to be followed in order to be eligible to earn bitcoins?

Follow the following Steps to be eligible to earn bitcoins:

Step 1

First send 0.002 BTC to each of the 10 members to their address mentioned in the program. So, your contribution amount to 0.020BTC.

Step 2

The 1st 2 bitcoin payments go to the admins who take care of creating your website maintaining it. Rest of the 8 addresses are members addresses , who joined by investing 0.020 BTC.

Step 3

Once you complete the payment to all the 10 people, your own website will be set up with your user name. Your links looks like this

Step 4

Your address will be placed in #8 position.

This is how it is done:

The #1 position will be deleted and #2 becomes #1 position.

Now #3 becomes #2 , similarly #4 becomes #3 and #5 becomes #4 position. #6 becomes #5, similarly #7 becomes #6 and #8 becomes #7 position.

Finally your address will be placed in #8.

What I get after becoming a member of bitcoin4u biz?

By become a member enables you to receive bitcoins from new members that join your business.

You are provided a all the marketing tools and software to promote your website ( ). If someone sees your website and if interested, joins the business the same way you did and makes a payment to your bitcoin address which is mentioned in your replicated website.

What happens when some one joins my bitcoin earning biz?

When someone joins you biz as a paid member your bitcoin address will be moved to #7 position and the newly joined member will be positioned in #8.

Now the #8 position member will do the same kind of marketing like you did and you still get BTC as you are in #7 position.

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This Calulation shows how you can be a millionaire:

( Please read this calculation twice to understand)

If you just recommend only 10 members. (A very simple example) then you make ฿0.020 BTC with your name at #8 position on the website.

Now, each of the 10 persons who just sent you ฿0.002 BTC each, refers the MINIMUM 10 persons,

Now, those 10 persons turn around MINIMUM 10 persons with your name at #7 position and you will make an additional ฿0.20

Now, those 10 persons turn around MINIMUM 10 persons with your name at #6 position and you will make an additional ฿2.00

Now, those 10 persons turn around MINIMUM 10 persons with your name at #5 position and you will make an additional ฿20.00

Now, those 10 persons turn around MINIMUM 10 persons with your name at #4 position and you will make an additional ฿200.00

Now, those 10 persons turn around MINIMUM 10 persons with your name at #3 position and you will make an additional ฿2000.00

Now, those 10 persons turn around MINIMUM 10 persons with your name at #2 position and you will make an additional ฿20000.00

OK, now here is the fun part, each of those 10 persons refers 10 with your name at #1 position, then you just made you ฿200000.00 !!!

A bitcoin Millionaire!!! That’s you!!!

And all this with only 10 responses. Imagine in case you refer more than 10. Sky is the limit. With an original contribution of only 0.020BTC! Amazing!

Bottomline! Bitcoin4u biz review

This review on bitcoin4u biz shows that it is legit and not a scam. If implemented as mentioned this a the simplest way to earn bitcoins fast. Bitcoin earning cannot be simpler than this biz.

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MyPayingCryptoAds – Review

MyPayingCryptoAds – It’s legit and not a scam!

This is an honest review of MyPayingCryptoads. MyPayingCryptoAds is an innovative revshare from  Uday  Nara where bitcoins will be used instead of USD as currency.

See the video below to better understand what MyPayingCryptoAds is about!


>>>>Visit the official website of MyPayingCryptoAds <<<<

You may like to know more about this company such as what payment processor they are going to use, what currency they are going to use and so on wich is discussed below for your information.

You may like to know more about this company such as what payment processor they are going to use, what currency they are going to use and so on wich is discussed below for your information.

Status :                             It is in Pre-Launch phase

Catergory :                        Rev Share

Payment Processor :         Bitcoin

Minimum Deposit:              0.05 BTC

Minimum Withdrawal:         0.01 BTC

What is MyPayingCryptoAds? It’s legit and not a scam.

My paying crypto ads is 100% legit and not a scam. Introduction of bitcoins has eased the problem created by some processors such as Paypal. Hence it is bound to gain popularity in future.

For the first time in online marketing history, MyPayingAds presents you with a distinct class of advertising platform; one that is dedicated to Cryptocurrency. is the pioneering platform that fuses Cryptocurrency with an advertise and get rewarded concept.

>>>Visit the official website here <<<

Some features of MyPayingCryptoAds you should no…

What are the advantages of a pure cryptocurrency platform…namely MyPayingCryptoAds?

You earn rewards in bitcoin! This has huge upside compared to traditional platforms who use the USD denomination.

MyPayingCryptoAds Review – Heres an example…

This is how traditional platforms that accept bitcoin operate just now:

When you deposit or purchase an adpack your bitcoin is converted into a value of USD. For this example say an adpack is priced at $5 and you purchase this with 0.01BTC.

Over the course of the next few weeks you are rewarded for your activity. Your activity rewards have earned you $6!

Whats The problem

This is great on the surface….although there is a flaw! We all know bitcoins are increasing in value…this is one of the key drivers behind bitcoins meteoric rise! With our example, upon withdrawal you’ll receive $6 worth of bitcoin. The problem is the bitcoin value would have increased. $6 may now only be valued at 0.009BTC, meaning you’ve actually lost 0.001BTC. Not good!

This proposition makes good business sense for businesses, as they will profit from the strong and increasing value of bitcoin….although on the flip side members and customers loose out as they have essentially exchanged their strong bitcoin for a weaker denomination.

Heres The solution

MyPayingCryptoAds! This is HUGE for members, as rather converting your strong bitcoins to USD, members now receive bitcoin payments. There is no disappointment in loosing out on bitcoin value increases or hassle of worrying about high payment processor fees. The MyPayingAds brand prides itself on trust. This is our way of showing that we are here to serve our members and provide the best value!

MyPayingCryptAds Review: Ad Pack Details of My Paying Crypto Ads

The details of each ad pack and the revenue share that you get is described here.
>> Cost of 1 Adpack: 0.05 BTC

>> Daily Earnings: Depends on the revenue generated the program.

>> Revenue Sharing rewards: Up to 120%

>> Referral Commissions (on Adpacks sales): 6%

>> Referral Commissions (on all other services): 10%

>> Referral Commissions Withdrawals: Unlimited

>> Adpack Earnings Withdrawals limit: 1.0 BTC maximum per day

>> Minimum withdrawal per day: 0.01 BTC

>> Rotating Banner Ad Creditsperadpack: 25,000 credits

>> No Membership: can buy up to 20 ad packs

>> 0.02 BTC/month (Explorer): can buy 20-50adpacks

>> 0.05 BTC/month (Professional): can buy 50-100adpacks

>> 0.10 BTC/month (Elite): can buy 100+adpacks

Key note: 100% Commission Withdrawals!

Understand cryptocurrency before you join MyPayingCryptoAds..


Cryptocurrency has taken the online world by storm and for good reason. When Bitcoins first came into effect they were valued at a mere $5 per bitcoin. Fast forward 5 years to 2016 and now they are worth more than $600 per bitcoin. This surge in value is predicted to increase further for the foreseeable future so much so that all major banks are investing their resources into this field.

Crypto Currency is the only solution to many of the issues we experience with regular payment methods. With full transaction traceability, military grade cryptography, low transaction fees and pretty much being available anywhere in the world, you can quickly understand why Cryptocurrency is becoming the preferred payment method online today.


MyPayingCryptoAds – Bottomline ….


Taking into consideration the management and the importance of bitcoin currency it is worth joining MyPayingCryptoAds,.


Click the Link to join MyPayingCryptoads

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