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Adding Links to Blog Comments

Are you finding difficulty in adding links to blog comments? Here you can find some useful information. In case you have something to be added you can email me and i will add that info to the blog. links to blog comments.

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Commenting on blog posts on related niche site is very important to get traffic to your website. John Gibb of Healthy Wealthy Affiliate in one of his articles mentions top 21 reasons for to blog comments in order to get more traffic, sales and clients.

John Gibb even spend some time on viewing comments. He describes this as a way to develop relationship with the readers and he even gets joint venture opportunities

You can find another interesting tip on adding links to blog comments in the

Right, here’s the clever bit. Pick the post you want to link to in a comment on someone’s site, then type this into the comment box:<a href=””>The Bexter Review</a>

Simply replace the first red text with the URL of the post or blog you want to link to, and make the second URL the text you want to display. So that would show up as The Bexter Review in a comment, and would link back here. This is an easy way to adding links to blog comments.
Further ides if any will be posted here.