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Unique List Building System That Pays To Build Your List.

List Building System

Paid To Build Your List

Unique List Building system

Unique list building system,, introduced by Kelly Williams has just been introduced and is getting very good response. How i came across this list building system or program ………

build your list and get paid to do so

List Building System

A good online marketing friend sent this to me recently, and I
honestly dragged my feet taking a look at it…

…but after a bit of coaxing from my friend, I thought what would
it hurt. In fact, he said I would be blown away and I thought, yah
right, I’ve heard that before.

Well, he was right!

This guy who was sick and tired of seeing so many people fail online,
created a list building system that literally can help anyone build
a “GURU” sized list, regardless of what level of experience one may

It is flat out CRAZY!

Take a look for yourself…

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Some online experts are calling it ( Super List Building Syatem), “the most unique but effective

Unique List Building System =Paid To Build Your List



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Autoresponder Set Up In

build your list

Build Your List With Ease

You have to integrate your autoresponder with the inorder to get the leads listed in your autoresponder.

There are various autoresponder to choose from:

Aweber / Getresponse / TrafficWave / GVO

Are you new to integrate the autoresponder? Don’t worry, i will show you how you can do it easily with a step by step guide to set up your autoresponder.  Build your list with ease has a pdf file which describes in details how to set up your autoresponder. Click on the link below to get your copy. It is FREE.

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I am using Trafficwave autoresponder. The advantage of using TW is that it has an affiliate program. This could be your second source of income.

It is easier to promote traffic Wave autoresponder through Team Atlantis.  You get three paid signups fast. After getting 3 paid signups it is FREE for you. To learn more about Team Atlantis and how to promote your Trafficwave affiliate program click on the link below:

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Tips on promoting paid to build your list.

1) Post Text and Banner ads in The Online Ad Network.

2) Place banner ads in Cash In On Banners.

Cash In On Banners is a viral Banner Advertisement website which is FREE to join. As a FREE member you can advertise six banners.  Join through this link and get FREE UPGRADE ($10Value). As an upgraded member you can advertise 12 banners.

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Paid To Build Your List! PPL Syatem

List Building-Why You Should Use Articles To Build Your List


List Building System

List Building-Why Should You Use Articles to Build Your List

List Building

List Building Strategies

I realized the GREAT importance of list building during my two years of exposure of online marketing on home based business. I  must have heard this several times but did not how to actually do list building. So, i started learning about list building and decided that i should share the information with my readers. Sean R Mize has discussed about writing articles as a to build your list, which i am sharing it with you here. Those who are passionate about writing articles can use this strategy for list building.

By Sean R Mize
– Why Should You Use Articles to Build Your List?
There are so many good ways to build your list, why should you use articles to build your list?  That is a great question, and when I first started my list building, I was not thinking that articles were the way to go.

Why not?

1)  They take time to write

2)  I thought they were only good for getting search engine rankings

3)  When I first got started online, it was when that article directory craze was going on, and I smelled ‘fad’.  I figured that in a few months, article marketing would be burnt out.

Well, I had been writing   rel=nofollow []articles to help my search engine rankings, and actually drove  a few web pages to #1 in Google and Yahoo for some specific keywords, but what was really eye-opening for me was how much traffic I was getting directly to my web site directly from the articles themselves.

Now, being a relentless ‘tracker’, I discovered that the average article-generated subscriber buys as much as or more than 4 times – that’s right, 4 times, what everybody else does.  Hmmm…I thought, and began to write more articles.

People continue to come to my list via my articles, they continue to outspend just about everyone else, and they are great subscribers.

So how do you do it?

1)  Identify 10 keywords that are prime for going to the top ten in Google and Yahoo.

2)  Write 10 articles for each of those keywords.

3)  Include at least 3 different text anchor links in each article.

4)  Submit each article to the top 5 article directories online.

5)  Be sure that each of the links goes to a squeeze page (that should be #1, but you should already have a squeeze page if you have been reading my articles for long).

By the way, do you want to add a coaching program to your business? If so, download my brand new free training here: []coaching program training

Sean Mize is the author of []                                                 Anyone Can Coach, the definitive guide to starting your own coaching program fast.


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How to Create Cornerstone Content That Google Loves?

Create Cornerstone Content

by  Brian Clark 

How to create cornerstone content that Google loves is a useful article written by Brian Clark that i would like it to share with you.

Imagine with me for a second… someone has just arrived at your website, and this person has no idea what you’re talking about. And this is an important visitor.

Pretend further that this single visitor could make the difference between success and failure for your business. She has no time to waste poking around your site trying to figure out what you’re all about, so she immediately picks up the phone and calls you, demanding an explanation.

What do you tell her?

You’d likely explain by giving her the essential information about how you can help, and why you perfectly meet her needs, right? And I’m betting you’d want to explain it in the most compelling fashion you could, given what’s riding on the deal.

In a nutshell, that’s what Google wants you to do with the content on your site.

When trying to rank well for the one or two topics that your entire site is built around, creating flagship content is your best bet. Whether it’s a tutorial about search engine optimization basics, blogging for beginners, or copywriting, a frequently asked questions page, or an inspirational mission statement, this content serves a vital function in creating a relevant, compelling, and useful cornerstone to build a site around.

A cornerstone is something that is basic, essential, indispensable, and the chief foundation upon which something is constructed or developed. It’s what people need to know to make use of your website and do business with you.

And when approached in a strategic fashion, this content can rank very well in the search engines. The key is creating compelling content that’s worth linking to, and then finding a way to get the word out.

Here’s a 5-step strategy that I’ve found useful when developing cornerstone content and getting it to rank well.

1. Keywords

Taking into account the above, and what we know about keyword research, choose the most appropriate keyword phrase for your content. In other words, what is the relevant question that searchers are asking that your content and business will answer?

Will answering that question aid a visitor to your site in getting the most out of the experience? Are enough people asking that question to make ambitiously answering it worthwhile?

2. Title Tags and Headline

There’s a lot of debate among SEO practitioners about what works and what doesn’t, but no one disputes the importance of using your targeted keyword phrase in your title tag. Search engines want to offer relevant results, so those results should prominently reflect the words the searcher is using in the title of the page.

But remember also, the title tag is a headline. You want to speak back to the prospective reader in their own chosen words. Plus, you want to wrap those words in a compelling headline structure that promises to answer the exact question the searcher is asking with the query.

And finally, writing the perfect headline makes it more likely that someone will simply use your title to link back to you. To the extent link anchor text is a component of a particular search algorithm, this can only help.

3. Content

Can a 500 word article rank well for a competitive search term all by itself? Absolutely, because a lot of what determines how well a page ranks depends on the overall authority and age of the website it appears on. And perhaps for some topics, a short explanation is all that’s really required from a user-gratification standpoint.

But if you have a newer website trying to rank for a competitive search term, you’ll need links from other authoritative sources to make it happen. That means your content must be impressive, both in quality and in scope.

Develop an awesome multi-part tutorial. Write an inspirational manifesto. Answer the question so much better and comprehensively than the competition does, and chances are better that your effort becomes worth linking to.

4. Content (SEO) Landing Page

If you’re going to be ambitious in scope with your content, it makes sense to make things easy on the reader from a usability standpoint. A landing page is designed to instantly communicate what’s going on to the visitor as soon as they arrive, and also acts as a table of contents (via links to each part) that increases clarity.

Here are some of the benefits of the landing page approach:

  • Retention: Keeping a reader from hitting the back button is crucial to just about every aspect of successful cornerstone content. You can’t score a reader, customer, or link if the benefit of the resource is not quickly communicated.
  • Bookmarks: When presented with a beneficial, if somewhat overwhelming, piece of content, the first impulse is often to bookmark the page for a return visit. When that book marking occurs at a social site like Delicious, it can lead to long-term traffic. And when a whole bunch of those bookmarks happen in a short period of time, you can enjoy a viral effect that leads to more bookmarks and lots of links due to being highlighted on the Delicious popular and home pages. Landing pages help you score the bookmark.
  • Links: Likewise, a visiting blogger or webmaster might be instantly impressed with your work, and link to you based on the benefits and scope communicated by the landing page itself. The quicker you can impress a potential link source, the easier you’re making it for them to follow through.
  • Optimization: Tweaking on-page copy can boost your ranking after attracting those links, so a landing page is a key benefit. It’s a lot easier to optimize a landing page than your 5,000 word opus.

5. Related Content

You may have noticed that I’ve used the word “website” throughout this post, rather than blog. However, I would never try to undertake this strategy without having a blog involved.

Search engines favor websites that have a lot of relevant, frequently-updated content, and they also like a lot of general link authority. Given the ease-of-publishing blogging provides, it’s smart to utilize blog software from a content-management standpoint. And given that active blogging allows for constant participation in the social media space, it’s a critical way to build general site authority via links, delve into specific and related topics, and to reference your cornerstone content.

You will certainly feature a link to your essential content in the sidebar. And if you’ve done your job correctly when selecting the focus, it will be perfectly natural to continue to cross-reference link to your cornerstone piece from within future posts as well.

Don’t go overboard, but do provide context when discussing advanced topics that require an understanding of the basics. Never assume that everyone is aware of your cornerstone resource or understands the basics. Periodically cross-referencing your cornerstone content allows for continued exposure and links, assuming it still meets the needs of the audience.

In Conclusion

The first goal of cornerstone content is usefulness and relevancy to the website visitor, no matter how they arrive. The second goal is to make that content so compelling and comprehensive that people are willing—no, make that excited—to link to it.

If you focus on these two goals in a strategic manner, the search engine thing has a good chance of working itself out. Since attracting links is so important, we’ll next explore ways to proactively get the word out about your cornerstone content.



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create cornerstone content

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Create Cornerstone Content

Using Cornerstone Content to make your Site Rank

Cornerstone Content


What is cornerstone content? While writing an article on click bank, a third one using the keyword “click Bank” I was warned by the plug-in “SEO by Yoast” that I have installed in my website:, I got a warning signal that I have already used the keyword “click bank” twice. There was a link to check what it means. I checked the link and came across this article “Using Cornerstone Content to make your Site Rank” written by Jose de Valk, which I am sharing it with you here. I hope it will be useful to my readers.

Using Cornerstone Content to make your Site Rank.

by Cornerstone Content to make your Site Rank” href=”” target=”_blank”>Joost de Valk

The most common question we answer in our website reviews is “how do I make my site rank for keyword X?”. What most people don’t realize is that they’re asking the wrong question. You see, sites don’t rank: pages rank. If you want to rank for a keyword, you’ll need to determine which page is going to be the page ranking for that keyword.
Adding that keyword to the title of every page is not going to help. Nor is writing 200 articles about it without one central article to link all those articles to. You need one single page that is the center of the content about that topic. One “hub” page, if you will.
That page will need to be 100% awesome in all ways. Brian Clark of Copyblogger calls this type of content “cornerstone content” and has written an awesome article about it (a few years ago, already). In fact, go and read Brian’s article, he explains that way better than I can, I’ll wait… … … You’re back? Ok, read on:

Position that new Cornerstone Content within your site

That article said a lot, right? It told you about keyword research, title tags and headlines, content and why your content needs to be awesome and more. Now let’s talk about where, within your site, that content is going to live. In my opinion, really important content deserves a page within your site’s structure, not a news item / post. It should be easily navigated to within a few clicks.

So, you go ahead and create that page within your site. Take some time for it, this is going to be the content that’s going to make you rank, but not just that, it’s going to be the content that is ranking. Which means real people will read it too and you need to convert those people. So think about search engines all you want, but think even more about the visitor that will end up on that page and give him / her something worth while.

This also means you’re not going to create other pages within your site that target the exact same keyword!

Creating Internal Links

Now, once you have that cornerstone page, it’s time for the next step: creating internal links for your article. You’re going to do this by figuring out which pages Google already thinks are relevant for your targeted keyword / key phrase. The easiest way to figure out which pages Google thinks are relevant for that keyword is doing a “site:” search in Google. So if I were to try and find the most important page for “website review” within, I’d search for: website review

You will probably find more than a few pages within your site. Go into each of those pages and add a link to your new cornerstone content. If possible, use the keyword you’re targeting as the anchor text for that link, but most importantly: link from within the content. Don’t just add some site wide sidebar / footer links. The reason for this is simple: links from within content are way more valuable than links from sidebars.

Afterwards, when you’re writing more content for your site, when you touch on a topic related to your cornerstone content, don’t forget to link to it! Now, let’s go on to the last and final step:

Promote your Cornerstone Content

If you’ve created it well, your cornerstone content is something to be proud of, something that others will easily share and thus also something that will attract links. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other people who have written about related topics: show them what you created and that it might be worth while for their visitors to see that. You might even want to offer them to write a guest post about the topic, linking back to your article.

Tags: Keyword Research, Link Building



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 cornerstone content

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Start Online Business With Click Bank!

Business With Click Bank

Click Bank offers a platform to start  online business. My web formula offers video training to start online business from home and two video talks about click bank. Learn about click bank and how you can make money online from click bank. First you should know what is click bank and what is there for you to make money online.

business with click bank

What is Click Bank?

Click Bank is a privately held online marketplace for digital information products such as eBooks, software’s and other digital products. It aims to serve as a connection between digital content creators (also known as vendors) and affiliate marketers, who then promote them to consumers.

Potential to start online business with CB

You would be interested in knowing “is ther a potential to start online business with click bank?” Well, you can get an idea of the huge turnover that takes place at Click Bank Marketplace from the following discussion:

In 2011 Revenue Magazine named the company as the top affiliate network in the United States. The company has headquarters in Boise, Idaho, and offices in Broomfield, Colorado.

The company is a subsidiary of Keynetics, and is the sister company of Kount, an online security company. It was founded in 1998 by Tim and Eileen Barber.

In 2011, the site had attracted over 1,500,000 affiliate marketers, approximately 100,000 of whom were designated as ‘active’ at any given time. In June 2011 the company claimed to have paid affiliates and vendors over $1.8 billion, processed 35,000 transactions per day, and generated over $350M in annual revenue. It offered over 46,000 individual products to its affiliate marketers, and provided services in over 200 countries. This shows the great potential to START online business with clickbank.

How can i start online business with Click Bank?

There are two ways in which you can start online business working with Click Bank Marketplace. You can either become a vendor or become a Click Bank affiliate.

 CB vendor

You can start online business with Click Bank Marketplace as a vendor. If you are passionate about any particular topic you can write your own eBook on that topic and become a vendor at Click Bank and sell your eBook online. You can make any digital product and keep it for sale on Click Bank and earn handsome commissions. This is one way to start business online with CB (Click Bank)

This route of  business is not that easy as it needs certain special skills to develop the digital product and is time consuming.

 CB Affiliate

The easiest way to start internet business is to become a click bank affiliate. There are several vendors in the Click Bank Marketplace who want their product to be sold. You can work as an affiliate to certain vendors and start selling these products and earn money online. This is the simplest way to start business using computers as a Click Bank affiliate.

Next you need to know how you can become a vendor or an affiliate of Click Bank and what are the steps involved in becoming a member of Click bank and start your internet business.

How “My Web Formula” helps me start business online?

Module four of “My Web Formula” has two videos on Click Bank. First video discusses about everything a beginner needs to understand how click bank works. The other video in my web formula discusses about “How to Generate And Utilize ClickBank Hoplink.” These two videos just introduce you to click bank and is not an exhaustive discussion on click bank. The success depends upon your email list as gurus say “money is in the list”. So build your list first. I recommend -A new way to build your eamil fast- “Paid To Build Your List“, which is a new concept to build your list usine PPL System

Internet marketing Money Making Formula

Step By Step Training Video on Starting Home Based Business.

List Building- is very important to be successful in Click Bank Marketing.  There is an easier way to build your list and get paid to do so.

MAKE MONEY    Build Your List: Money Is In The List

The secrets to list building and get paid

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Business With Click Bank